Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are traditionally found in the city, and are the most inexpensive type of roof to have installed. Made for simplicity, flat roofing needs to be installed properly to protect your home from water intrusion. Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc. are expert roofers and we have been working with flat roof installation for nearly 20 years. If you are wondering if you need flat roof repair, we can perform an inspection and offer you a free estimate for the job.


We work with TAMCO to bring our homeowners the best in built-up-roofing, making sure that each job we perform to seal your roof or give it a new finish will not result in pooled water.

Modified Flat Roofing

If you would like to move away from Built Up Roofing, modern flat roofs have several different options. We can install GAF modified flat roofs made of rubber membrane, modified bitumen, or other products. These modified flat roofs are more effective at dealing with water drainage and keeping your home dry longer.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about our flat roofing options in the Atlanta area, contact us today.