Roof Installation

Roof Removal and Installation of Replacement RoofingAtlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc. provide thorough roof installation services that encompass every aspect of expected improvements. Our team guarantees quality, as much as the service itself and the products we choose. Installing a new roof can be tricky if not properly trained or experienced like our professionals. Each roof that we install is carefully integrated with your soffit, fascia, and siding panel set-up, for a smooth transition. This accommodates visual aesthetics as well as efficiency for weather protection. If you have skylights, a chimney, solar panels, or other additional exterior, we delicately and accurately integrate roofing products to meld with other structures.

Installing a New Roof

Installing a new roof can be troublesome if not properly equipped. We believe in providing excellent roofs that flow with the rest of your home. Bringing a comprehensive service that molds around your homes exteriors, while increasing visual aesthetics, is how we have achieved customer approval within the Atlanta area. Installations of new roofs has become our specialty from years of a experience and delivering premium products within budget.

How Much Does A Roof Installation Cost

A highly controversial topic is knowing exactly how much a roof installation costs. While many will argue this can be a set number, or relative range, our company knows this cannot be accomplished without the input of the property owner and size of structure. There are many variables that come into place, determining the cost of products and time to install a new roof. This includes the many varieties of materials for roofing, such as metal, traditional, etc. With smaller properties or larger properties we calculate the surface area that will be worked on during the project; which also relates to time spent on a particular projects.

Our Procedure: How To Roof A House

We have a set procedure that extends to a full-care service. We provide the complete removal of your old roof, board repairs or replacement if required, lining, and installation of the new materials. Our step-by-step process includes a full assessment of the project to determine size, and then figuring out which roofing material the homeowner wishes to use. This goes hand-in-hand with stylizing your home with certain appeals of the thousands of products available in the market – from texture, design, and color.

We then begin the process of removing all old pieces of roofing while carefully planning our best course of action. This includes unexpected appendages like skylights and chimneys that must be handled cautiously and efficiently. We then begin inspecting the back-boards that hold your roof in place, checking for leaks, gaps, holes, or weak points that may need to be addressed. Finally, we begin and complete the installation within the same day.

How Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc. Helps Homeowners

We believe the customer is always right; where their needs and desires are met when considering home exterior improvement. Afterall, new roof installation can be a big investment depending on the materials your choose and allotted budget. Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc. helps homeowners find a soft-medium in the quality products we carry and expected spending limitations. Our team is efficient at working with homeowners to find a common ground with costs, as well as with design.

Installing Roofs for Visual Appeal

If you’re looking for the visual aesthetics of a roof, our team can help. Installing a new roof brings a ‘fresh look’ for your home. We believe this should be a positive experience that will create a beautiful home looks even better. Having our professional team will provide an excellent perspective to ensure proper molding with the rest of your home. Our specialists are also designers at heart to better assist in creating a visually stunning home that blends with other exteriors.

New Roofing That Integrates With Other Exteriors

Other exteriors such as siding, doors, windows, soffit, and fascia, can make new roof installation troublesome. Visually, your home must flow with a fluid design. That’s why our team consider all design aspects before proposing certain types and colors of roofing. Our recommendations comes from years of experience in the industry, will offer professional ideas for your consideration to ensure quality.

Contact Us Today For A New Roof

If you would like to learn more about our services, products, or procedures, contact us today. We have friendly customer representatives available that can handle any inquiries you desire. If you wish to schedule an appointment with on of our designers or contractors simply use our online contact form or call our local phone number.