Synthetic Slate Roofing

There are few roofing products that match the durability, beauty, and longevity that slate roofing can provide. Unfortunately, many roofs are not engineered to be able to hold the weight of a true slate roof. Fortunately, there have been several synthetic slate roofing products created that can match the the distinction of slate, but are lightweight so that any home can have it installed.

Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc. installs a wide variety of synthetic slate products, including:

  • Symphony Slate
  • Echo Star
  • DaVinci
  • LudoSlate

We can also perform repairs and roof inspections to check on the condition of your synthetic slate roof.

Symphony Slate

Symphony synthetic slate is made by CertainTeed®. Symphony is a high-quality synthetic slate which is available in a wide variety of colors and can come in pre-blended bundles of varying sizes so that you can truly achieve a natural slate look. Symphony synthetic slates are an Energy Star product. This product holds up very well to all weather, and is a fraction of the cost of natural slate.


EcoStar synthetic slate is designed for steep incline roofs. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this synthetic slate product can create a unique look for any home. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, grey, brown, green, purple and red. This synthetic slate has a high impact resistance that provides great protection from hail.


Natural slate roofs are beautiful, fireproof, and waterproof, but they are brittle and can shatter easily. DaVinci composite, synthetic slate roofs are not susceptible to these problems. Available in many natural colors, DaVinci synthetic slate is a much more durable and affordable option, costing about ½ of what natural slate does. The easy and quick installation of Davinci slates will improve your home’s appearance and property value.


Ludoslate, a LudoWici product, offers a great alternative to synthetic slate – it is a green product and completely sustainable. Made from natural clay and manufactured to appear as natural slate, LudoSlate is a wonderful alternative to traditional slate.

If you have any questions about synthetic slate roofing, contact us today. We serve all of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, including Roswell, Smyrna and Marietta.