Roof Replacement and Re-Roofing

There is no denying that no matter what kind of roof you have, whether it is slateasphalt shingle or tile, it will eventually wear out and you will need re-roofing or roof replacement. There is no way to design a roof to last forever – rain, snow and sun eventually break down every roofing product. At Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists, Inc. we provide high-quality craftsmanship for a variety of roofing products. We can help you select which roofing materials make the most sense for your home and your budget, and we can install it with a professionalism that is rare in this field.

A roof replacement project can sound like a daunting task to have to deal with. We have been one of the top Atlanta roofers for over 31 years and we are proud to be able to truly help our customers. Reroofing is a project that can be completed quickly and cleanly, and we strive to make every job the most beautiful one we’ve done yet.

First we will help you choose the right roofing material for your next roof replacement project. We offer the following roofing products for installation in all of Atlanta:

Once you have selected the type of roofing material you want, our roofers will help you decide on textures, styles, and finishing details. We can help you figure out if you want to install skylights or chimney caps while your roof is replaced. Once everything is chosen, we begin our work.

Our company is founded on the basic principles of prompt, quality service and keeping our promises. It seems like a simple concept: finish the job you promised to do on time and do it well. Yet most homeowners have a story about a bad contractor experience. When you hire a contractor to do repairs or work on your home, you aren’t purchasing a finished product; you are purchasing a promise for one.

Our reroofing work and roof installations are most of our business. We are based in Atlanta and do not travel to follow storm damage. Long after we install a customer’s roof, we will be here – accountable for the quality of our work.

If you have any questions or you would like to receive a free estimate, contact us today.