Roofing Types

When you design your home, you want to make it as unique as you are. With several different roofing products, colors and styles of roofing to choose from, the choices and possibilities are endless. We offer the following roofing types:

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Accountable for more than 80% of residential roofing, asphalt shingle roofs are both economical and safe. They stand up to tests for fire and wind resistance and a well-maintained, well-installed shingle roof can last more than 20 years.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing is a traditional wood shingle. They provide durable protection, and a unique look, but they require regular maintenance and repair. A cedar shake roof can have a life expectancy of up to 50 years depending on how well it is cared for, and can be a green roofing option.

Synthetic Shake Roofing

Similar to natural cedar shake roofing, synthetic shake roofing is very durable and provides great protection. They can match the rustic appeal of conventional shake but are also lighter weight, resistant to fire, and maintenance free.

Slate Roofing

Slate is a natural stone that is quarried all over the earth. Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists install slate roofing and repair it as needed. A well-maintained slate roof can last between 50 and 300 years, and will add value and curb appeal to any home.

Synthetic Slate

Like slate, synthetic slate is extremely durable (a synthetic slate roof can last around 50 years), but these unique slates are manufactured to be light-weight. They can be installed on nearly any home and have the same eye-catching qualities as natural slate roofing.

Clay Tile Roofing

Tile roofing or clay roofing has been a roofing option for thousands of years, and it is still being installed today. The distinction and durability of a tile roof has ensured its durability as a roofing product. Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists install and repair tile roofing.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is durable, lightweight, energy efficient and fire resistant. A well-installed metal roof can last up to 50 years. Now available in many different colors and styles, a metal roof can be just as stylish as any other type of roof.

Flat Roofing

If you have a flat roof, Atlanta Re-Roof Specialists can help you with either a built-up-roof or a newer, rubber roofing system.

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